Vastu For Bathroom

Vastu for Bathroom​

Vastu Shastra lays down certain basic principles to be followed while positioning the toilet in the house. Vastu for toilet recommends North-West corner of the house or building to be assigned to the toilet. For an attached toilet, again the North-West side of the room is recommended as per Vaastu. The second option could be the South-East direction.

Toilet in the North-East can adversely affect the finances and prosperity of the family. Whereas toilet in South-West direction directly affects the head of the family in terms of his health and might make him highly indecisive.

Vastu tips for Bathroom:

  • According to vastu, bathroom should be located in North or North-West portion of the house. If bathroom is not located in right direction, it may cause health and financial related problems. Bathroom should not be in South, South-East and South-West direction. South sided bathroom can cause adverse effects on the health of female members.
  • Entrance door of the bathroom should be from East side and should be shifted towards the North-East corner from the center. It should not be in South-West direction.
  • Drainage system should be at the North-East corner.
  • Geysers and other electrical appliances like heaters and switch-boards should be installed in South-East corner of the Bathroom.
  • Taps and showers should be fixed in North direction. Placing bath tubs in East, West or North-East direction is good. Wash basin and shower can be either in North-East, North or East direction. The North is a good direction for vanity mirror.
  • If you want to place washing machine in the bathroom then preferable South-East otherwise North-West direction would be better.
  • It is recommended to have windows or ventilators in East or North direction of the bathroom. Avoid having windows in South direction otherwise it would have adverse effect on health.
  • Toilet should be located in the North-West of West direction and should be a couple of feed above the ground.
  • If a change room is built in bathroom, it should be in South or West direction.
  • Color schemes: Auspicious colors for walls in the bathroom are White, Grey tone, light blue and other pastel colors. Avoid painting the walls with dark colors like plain black and dark red as they tend to create negative energies.