Vastu for Drawing Room

Vastu for Living | Drawing | Family Room

Vasthu Shastra for Living |Drawing | Hall | Family Room : Living room is also known as hall, sitting room, main room, drawing room etc some says it as family room also, but it may not be correct. This living room plays a vital role in vastu shastra, because now a days we are sparing this room as T.V watching room., at our house we have dining room, but so many people now ate food only at living room by watching TV programmes. We are now accustomed for it., we are shouting our children not to watch the TV programmes while taking food, but we are not follow it. Great on our dramatic role.


    Always better to place the sitting or living room only at Northeast corner of the house, some times when the house is west facing or South facing then the living room construction at Northeast corner may not be possible, in those cases follow some tricks to get good results as shown below.

    1. At our residence we spare most of our time is at “bed room” the next best room is “living room”. We should take care of this living room in our home. We should not neglect on this part of our house.

    2. The living room is particularly used for discussions with family members and with outsiders, most of our pecuniary matters, financial, entertaining other things are also settled at living room, so it has specific interest and importance as per vastu shastra.

    3. The owner of the house has to sit at living room and has to faced to East or North sides only. The other members or outsiders has to sit in front of the owner or side to the owner of the house.

    4. At East face house or North face house, there is one good quality point in this living room as the members of the house or owner of the house has to sit at living room (here the living room should placed at northeast / Eshan / Ishan corner of the house only), then the good vibrations from Eshan (northeast) corner has arrive and will get the same vibrations from east side and north sides, these vibrations are more effective to the family members of the house.

    The owner of the house has to sit towards Nairuthi (Southwest-west) facing towards East, if fails the next best option is Southwest-south facing towards North is better option. you may put this lengthy sofa towards West side, and transfer the sofa chairs towards South side, the owner has to occupy at the Nairuthi (southwest) corner placement always. The guests occupies the remaining chairs.

    6. You can put telephone to the south,west side walls so that you can easily handle the phone.

    7. If the living room is at Eshan (northeast corner) the flooring of the living room is lower than the entire house, it gives very good effect to the family.

    8. Most of the houses the front room may be the living room, and most of the living rooms are wide and larger than all the rooms at house, well here vastu works in a hidden method, if at one east facing house there might be living room is the front room, its correct method and giving good results to the inmates.

    9. North facing house inmates also receives good results by putting living room at front side i.e., living room is front side. But where as it should not happen at west side facing houses and south side facing houses. Here the inmates must take most precautionary methods by setting the living room as the first room where is in before the entrance. Don’t construct the living room as front room at west side houses and south side houses, if you want to construct the living room at front side then consult a good vastu practitioner for best suggestions.

    10. You can keep number of doors to the living room, but all the doors should be at correct places as per the vastu shastra. You are aware that “doors” plays an very important role at house as per vastu shastra. Once again remember living room got 2nd rank at house after Bedroom as per vastu, in general living room got 1st rank as per our living style

    11. Decorate as much as you can, but importance may be given to vastu, then only you enjoy the life with your family members, otherwise you are striving for your livelihood that will be the entertainment to your neighbors and your enemies.

    12.Becareful while you sitting at the living room for discussions about different category business deals. As you are owner of the house, you have to sit at the chair or sofa set, your face should be towards east or north, and guests, panchayatdhars, litigants, partners should sit and their face should be towards south or west, this type of sitting will leads victory on your discussions, finally you will get success on Panchayats (Litigation).

    13. In case the house is west facing or south facing, here the living room may be at eshan corner but we cannot entertain every body to welcome them to sit at living room, because it may be disturbance to our family members, then consult one vastu expert get advise N enjoy.

    14. Finally the most important and repeated point is that you have to build the living room according to vastu shastra to lead a joyful, successful life, don’t give importance to the vastu consultant fees, but better to consult only an experienced vastu consultant, otherwise you may be the victim of quacks. Usually the quacks are searching for the people, who are in need of support as a vastu adviser (vastu consultant).